Nov 18, 2011


PSYCH, with   rock and/or sludge and/or drone and/or electronic and/or noise.

I have listened to all Cave releases that are obtainable via the internets and here i post the two best.

first full album released by the band: Hunt Like Devil/Jamz (2008).

1. Hld 2
2. Hunt like Devil
3. Hld 3
4. Hld 4
5. Annihalted Sludge Flow
6. Seans Inner Ear
7. 4.24.06
8. Drum Like Devil 


second album is the second full album release by Cave: Psychic Psummer (2009).

1. Gamm
2. Made in Malaysia
3. Encino Men
4. High, I Am
5. Requiem for John Sex
6. Machines and Muscles

i give both albums 8/10


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