Dec 12, 2011

Redshift - Ether. 1998

The second release from Redshift, Ether, can be described as the progressively intensifying electronic space trip of acid-taking astronauts in a slime-filled cavern at some strange far-off planet, in which, after an encounter with the horrifying yet attractive inhabitants of this planet, the brains and faces of these astronauts have melted to purple goo as a result of ultragamasynthesque radiation emitted from a supernova inducing alien spacegun.




1. A Midnight Clear
2. Bombers In The Desert
3. Static
4. Ether


Dec 8, 2011

Sunbirds - Sunbirds. 1971

Post-hiatus post.

This is first release from the early 70s, German group - Sunbirds.trippy jazzy thing going on.
 prog-jazz fusion, with a lot of jazz, a lot of prog, a bit of space and a bit of funk/library
This may be a little hasty, and i may need to review this rating at a later date, however i give it 9/10. Reviewed: 8.7/10

1. Kwaeli
2. Sunrise
3. Spanish Sun
4. Sunshine
5. Sunbirds
6. Blues For D.S.
7. Fire Dance(Bonus)
  - [however the track order differs in the dwnld]